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While buying car tyres, you may have noticed labels on them.

But did you know these labels provide crucial and distinctive performance metrics of the tyre models? The EU has mandated tyre labels since 2012. However, a few modifications were made, which came into effect in 2021.

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Let us explain the different readings and markings on the EU tyre label.

The EU tyre label informs us about a tyre’s wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise emission.

Wet grip

It is graded with letters from A to E, indicating a tyre’s wet grip performance. While an A-rated model delivers the shortest braking distance on wet roads, an ‘E’ grade unit offers the worst braking performance.

Fuel efficiency

This metric also uses grading from letters A to E. If you choose an ‘A’ grade tyre, you will save more on fuel expenses as against a ‘D’ or an ‘E’ grade unit.

Noise emission

Before 2021, a soundbar format represented the noise emission of a tyre. Now, it is denoted using letters A to C. If the label has an A rating, the tyre emits minimum noise, ranging from 67dB and 71dB. In contrast, a ’C’ marked tyre is the noisiest.

Additional EU tyre label modifications

  • All tyres come with a QR-code identifier directly linked with EU database EPREL. You can scan it for precise information and verification purposes.
  • Tyre labels with the 3PMSF symbol ensure superior snow performance and safety.
  • Nordic winter tyres now come with a new ice stalagmite marking.

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