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Wheel Balancing

Are you noticing uneven wear on your car tyres? It can be due to unbalanced wheels.

Worry not! Instead, head straight to DMH Tyres Ltd., a one-stop destination for all vehicular issues.

About us

We are a reputed car workshop providing comprehensive wheel balancing Llangefni at market-best rates. You can visit our workshop at Llangefni Tyres, Bryn Cefini Industrial Estate, Llangefni, Anglesey, LL77 7XA.

We are open:

Monday to Friday- 8 AM to 5.30 PM

Saturday from- 8 AM to 3 PM

We are closed on Sundays!

What affects optimum wheel weight distribution?

Here are the reasons that disrupt the manufacturer’s recommended wheel weight distribution:

  • Inaccurate wheel installation to the hubs
  • Worn-out shock absorbers
  • Tyres with manufacturing defects
  • Weight deduction by wheel stem hole from either side of the tyre-wheel assembly

Tell-tale signs of unbalanced wheels

Apart from worn-out tyres, here is the list of issues that require immediate attention:

Odd vibrations on the steering wheel

Are you noticing unusual vibrations on the steering wheel while speeding up your car? Among other reasons, unbalanced wheels are a potential one. Additionally, unbalanced wheels make your car tilt to one side, bearing the maximum load. Under such a condition, your car wheels will rotate unevenly, causing juddering throughout the car.

Squeaking noise from wheels

Unbalanced wheels impose excess pressure on the wheel bearings that generate unusual noises while driving. It eventually diminishes your vehicle’s suspension performance by hampering the shock absorbers, resulting in bumpier rides.

Furthermore, unbalanced wheels disrupt smooth handling performance and put the driving safety of both the driver and the passengers at risk.

Therefore, it is imperative to only rely on professionals like us for routine wheel balancing check Llangefni.

Note: Delays will adversely hamper other car components, resulting in expensive repair and replacement expenses.

Why Choose Us For Wheel Balancing Llangefni?

As your safety is our primary concern, we only equip advanced machinery and technology to conduct wheel balancing Llangefni. Moreover, our well-versed technicians can tend to all leading car makes and models to serve a broader customer base.

Our comprehensive wheel balancing process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Dismount the car tyre and wheel assembly safely to avoid damage to the rim.

Step 2: Attach the wheel assembly to our state-of-the-art wheel balancing machine and rotate it at high speed.

Step 3: Take down the measurements and readings from the machine.

Step 4: Comprehend the report to locate the areas with uneven weight distribution.

Step 5: Restore the manufacturer recommended specifications.

Step 6: Mount the tyre and wheel back onto the car.

Step 7: Check the air pressure level and inflate or deflate accordingly.

Visit our workshop to root for a comfortable and safer drive!

Trust us! We can efficiently end your search for a ‘wheel balancing garage near me’.

For quotation and further queries, kindly reach us on 07949148531 or at info@dmhtyres.com.

We are looking forward to serving you!