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Tyre Pressure Check

Did you know that incorrectly inflated tyres tend to flex more than the permissible tyre inflation level, thus braking efficiency and cornering precision?

Therefore, you must maintain an adequate air pressure level in tyres for safety purposes.

DMH Tyres Ltd. is a one-stop solution for all tyre-related issues and other vehicle services at competitive rates. We offer free tyre pressure check Llangefni using modern tyre pressure gauges to inflate or deflate tyres per the manufacturer recommendations.

What disrupts the optimum tyre pressure level?

Car tyres may lose up to 3 psi air pressure in usual driving conditions. However, the following can also be responsible for the over and under-inflation of tyres:

  • Damaged TPMS valve
  • Punctures
  • Impaired tyre bead
  • Adverse climatic conditions
  • Rash driving
  • Old tyres
  • Osmosis, etc.

Why opt for a routine tyre pressure check?

Incorrectly inflated car tyres hamper the vehicle and your driving experience, leading to:

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Diminished steering ability
  • Premature tyre wear and tear
  • Reduced braking performance
  • Compromised driving comfort and safety

On noticing these tell-tale signs, feel free to visit our facility for a comprehensive tyre pressure check Llangefni.

Disclaimer: Ensure that your car’s TPMS is optimally functioning to determine any air pressure loss in the tyres. Note that a faulty TPMS leads to MOT failure.

Our process of tyre pressure check Llangefni

At DMH Tyres Ltd., our in-house technicians will first assess your vehicle to identify the recurring issue. Next, they will conduct the following steps to inflate your vehicle’s tyres:

Step 1: Look for your car’s handbook to confirm the suggested tyre pressure per the manufacturer specifications.

Step 2: Assess the tyres by attaching a pressure gauge, and note the readings.

Step 3: Inflate or deflate the tyres accordingly.

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