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Wheel Alignment

Did you know that faulty wheel alignment can severely reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle?

Hence, it is essential to opt for a routine wheel alignment check from a reliable workshop every 5000 to 6000 miles.

DMH Tyres Ltd. provides you with comprehensive wheel alignment checks Llangefni at affordable prices. Our experts can check and re-align the wheel angles of any car model at the earliest. In doing so, they use superior quality cameras, sensors and aligners to ensure accurate results.

We also have a sister company by the name TRUCK ALIGN. The garage provides mobile wheel alignment service to commercial and plant vehicles and effectively caters to all-wheel tracking needs without any hassle.

Warning signs of faulty wheel alignment

Some tell-tale signs of a faulty axle geometry are:

  • The car drifts in one direction while driving straight at a constant speed
  • Rapid and uneven tyre wear
  • A sudden drop in fuel economy
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Odd vibrations on the steering wheel
  • Poor braking performance
  • Inefficient cornering precision

If you notice any of these signs, opt for wheel alignment Llangefni at our garage.

Why choose us?

Wheel alignment is an intricate process and requires a detailed inspection of each wheel angle.

Hence, when you visit us for a wheel alignment check Llangefni, our experts will use technologically advanced sensors and cameras to inspect all three crucial wheel angles of your car.

It includes:

Camber- The camber angle refers to the alignment formed between the vertical axis of a car’s wheel and the vertical axis of the vehicle itself. Fault in the camber angle will compromise its accelerating properties and cornering precision.

Caster- The caster angle is an angle formed between the steering axis of a car and the vertical axis of its wheels. Issues in the caster angle affect the efficiency of the steering wheel.

Toe- The toe is the symmetric angle that the wheels make with its longitudinal axis. A fault in the toe causes your car to drift in one direction when driving in a straight line.

Following this inspection process, our experts use a computerised system to find the total displacement of the current wheel angles from their original make. Next, they will re-align the wheel angles accordingly using superior quality aligners to their factory specifications.

Sounds good?

Then wait no more looking for ‘wheel alignment near me’ and book your slot with us on 07949148531.

If you need any emergency wheel alignment assistance, call our 24x7 emergency line 07949148531.

Our experts are always happy to help!